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The Word and Message of the Day

Peacock MAY 2013 James Bio PhotoThe intention of this daily word and message is to incorporate it’s truth into your daily walk and practice.

By doing this you are creating the opportunity for peace, love and compassion to reside in your life and the lives of others.





Message of Wisdom

Sunset and Poppies

“If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.”
-Gautama Buddha


                                                                                   THE WORD OF THE DAY IS SILENCE


Christmas Message 2017

Each Christmas season our thoughts turn towards peace, love, joy, and hope. Christians celebrate the birth of a child who encompasses all of these thoughts. This child, Jesus, came in innocence and had no attachments to idolatry or any other definitions imposed upon him by the world. He was just a child of innocence, just as you and I were at birth, and still can be.

Allow the light of this Christed Child to be awakened again within you and may it rekindle the light of your own Christed self.  Look into the eyes of all that cross your path and see them as children of God and witness their innocence. Then we all become One.  This Christmas give yourselves the gift of oneness and then give to all others.

In this season of peace, be peaceful and then there shall be peace. Forgive yourself and then there shall be forgiveness.
Be merciful and then there shall be mercy. Be loving and then there shall be love. Be joyful and there shall be joy. These are the true gifts of Christmas.

We are the children of God, Spirit, Source and have never fallen from grace nor have been mired in shame – in spite of what has been said, thought or done to us.
May you reclaim and re-gift yourselves with this Christ-child innocence this Christmas. Where innocence abides there is peace, joy, mercy and compassion. There is YOU.

Blessings and peace to all of you,