Why I Want To Live!

NightSky2I remember attending an Anthony Robins seminar years ago and clinging to the statement: “Everything happens for a reason and a purpose, and it serves us.” Although I wasn’t able to see it while going through a divorce and the loss of a job of 16 years, with time I could see the truth of that statement.

Last year I was diagnosed with a life threatening illness that has a less than enlivening survival rate. I know that we move in the direction of our most dominant thought, but I struggled to stay in the present moment (where peace abides). I wished I had never searched for the statistics which my logical mind seemed to crave, but it soon became obvious that I was not going to find hope or peace of mind by searching the internet.

I don’t know if I was really “at peace” with the situation, or in shock, but there was a calm about me before surgery. I know that I am more than my body. I’m not afraid to die, but I really got in touch with WHY I want to live. I have 4 great kids and 8 young grandchildren, ranging in age from 10 mo. – 7 yrs. When I am around them I get to see my old patterns and belief systems that I want to move beyond. They are my mirrors, and yet I moved out of state when my 1st grandchild was only 1 year old. I have gone back to visit them every 3-4 months, but now it’s time to move closer to them.

As I prepare for my move, I’m very happy to report that I’m in full remission and doing well. I continue to work with the metaphysical aspects of my illness, but how it serves me is continuing to unfold. I thought I lived in gratitude and appreciation before my diagnosis, but clearly this has taken that to a whole new level. I appreciate the many friends who have kept me in their prayers and feel incredibly blessed and grateful for the gift of LIFE!



  1. Thanks for sharing your story. We all need to find meaning and purpose in our lives and it sounds like you have. Blessings to you in your journey.

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