Our Mission


PeacockBird2Mission Statement

 This website, The Peacock Solution, has been created as a celebration of life???s human experiences which inherently include challenges and conflicts.  It is being offered as a safe place for one to resolve their individual conflicts with the assistance of a professional advisor, Brenda Recore???a loyal and compassionate friend of the editor for many years.   Feel free to share your thoughts with Brenda and utilize these practical life teachings in order that they may be clarified, resolved and healed.


Brenda Recore Bio

As Founder of the Evolution of Eve (an educational consulting service dedicated to the empowerment of women), Brenda has participated in the resolution of countless emotional issues through workshops, private sessions, and group facilitations.

She has an MA in Psychology from Pepperdine University and an MA in Education and Teaching Credential from UCLA. Her professional life has encompassed junior and high school teaching, Ownership of Renaissance Realty, and the last two decades, as a life coach for individual and family issues.

Brenda’s spiritual background and journey provide a loving and compassionate depth to her counsel. As a wife and partner, mother of three grown daughters, and Grandmother to two young boys, Brenda brings a practical, non-judgmental, and humorous approach to problem-solving and emotional healing.