A Turning Point In My Life

 angela_allen_croppedThe death of Jackie Lee Houston was a turning point in my life.

Being a private secretary to such a well-known, public figure had its privileges and its drawbacks. The “perks” of such a position are exciting and glamorous, but the downside for working for an individual instead of an organization was that my whole life was dependent on the whims and health of just one person.

When she died suddenly two years ago, life as I had known it changed abruptly. A verse of scripture filled me with hope at that pivotal time as it does during trying times today.

Ephesians 2:10 says, “ For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God has prepared in advance for us to do.”

As a woman who can’t see a blank surface and not feel the urge to embellish it, the thought that I am the Great Creator God’s handiwork touches me in my deepest soul. Clutching on to this promise I started my job search and faced numerous dead ends, then I heard about a development position at Olive Crest. Not knowing too much about the organization, as I pulled in the parking lot I sat in my car and said a quick prayer for a sign that this was the right job for me. As I sat in the lobby, waiting for my interview, I saw a poster on the wall that said that FAITH was one of the four pillars of this organization. Tears came to my eyes as I recognized my sign. Now my job is to “do good works…” for serving abused children and restoring families. When I reflect on all the various positions I have held… I can see how God prepared me for this exact job. I am indeed His handiwork and so are you.

My work as a Development Coordinator for Olive Crest is all encompassing, and ever changing.

I plan fundraising events and attend public awareness events. I meet with private donors and supportive organizations. What a joy to be able to develop all kinds of relationships across a broad spectrum of people whether contributors or volunteers or board members, we all unite around a wonderful mission. It is always a personal pleasure to talk about the success stories of healing lives of children and families who came to us in crisis.

Angela Allen

Anyone interested in volunteering can contact me at 760 341 8507

We need mentors, tutors, readers, event and office support and respite caregivers.

www.olivecrest.org Facebook: OlivecrestDC


Olive Crest statement:

Since 1973, Olive Crest has transformed the lives of over 60,000 abused, neglected, and at-risk children and their families. We work tirelessly to meet the individual needs of kids in crisis by providing safe homes, counseling, and education for both youth and parents. Our many innovative programs reflect our conviction that strengthening the family is one of the most powerful ways to help heal children. With unwavering compassion, the Olive Crest family maintains a lifelong commitment to the youth and families we serve even after they have graduated from our programs.



  1. what a beautiful message about surrender and trust! It is true. If we surrender our fear and trust then we are able to see how all is divinely guided. It is no accident that your name is Angela.

  2. thank you so much for taking time to read my story and respond with such kind words. One of the important lessons I learned is to never, ever make any decision out a place of fear. Jesus said God the Father feeds the birds of the air, and knows when a single sparrow falls. You are loved by God…and He sees you, ask for what you need, trust and He WILL answer.

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