A Universal Call To Greatness

PeacockArt6As The Peacock Solution enters its third year, I have chosen to share personal stories/insights from my own journal of self-discovery and spiritual awakening. The life lessons I will periodically share have evolved over fifteen years of study with my spiritual teacher/mentor, James. He also is The Peacock Solution’s Spiritual Adviser. 

A spiritual teachers’ purpose involves guiding a student on an inward journey where they begin to recognize and embrace their innate divinity while also balancing their “humanness.”

This becomes s delicate dance of balance, self awareness, and application. The student has a choice to accept or reject this sacred invitation for “conscious living” and growth. I can say for me personally, it was life changing AND the kindest and most loving gift I could have given myself.
My choice continues to be great gratitude for this sacred and continuous experience with my teacher.
As I begin the process of sharing these stories over the next few months,  I understand the emotions of writer Annie Lamont when she revealed her vulnerability about sharing her writing: “always believing that everyone else was a little more talented and had more to say.”
Hopefully, my experiences might touch someone’s heart in a way that they feel a spark of self -remembrance, and self love.

Intuitively, I believe writing and all creative expressions are gifts from the soul. They carry the potential for us to discover our own unique voice; to find deeper awareness and acceptance of our divinity and humanness and invite us to bring our greatness into the world.


Phyllis Johnson


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  1. Philly,

    This is a wonderful window into James and the impact he has on you, the website and, ultimately, all of us. I know how much you have to share. And I am so excited to see 15 years of James wisdom and mentoring shown through your writing. Thank you for this gift to us all.

    And Happy birthday, my friend

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