Christmas Eve Message


This is a Christmas wish to give to yourself and others. The gifts of:

For if you do not give peace you are acknowledging there is the possibility for war and for destruction

When forgiveness is not given the space is occupied by blame, judgment resulting in separation. Gift the gift of forgiveness without conditions

Without mercy there can only be hatred. Fill your heart until  it overflows with compassion, blessing all who cross your path

With this gift, let it “include” ALL parts of self. Integrate the human and divine; the light and the shadow;
the king and the pauper; the adult and the child

First love yourself and then you are able to love others unconditionally

Celebrate life joyously and through this joy you are inviting all to also “live” their lives in joy

Drop all you do not need whether it be people places or things that no longer serve your highest good

You are wholly the children of God.  You never have fallen from grace or  been mired in shame.
Reclaim your innocence for when there is innocence there is harmlessness

The child Jesus merely wanted to come in innocence. He did not want all the attachments, idolatry, and subsequent persecutions.
He never asked for that. So, this Christmas, look deep into a baby’s eyes and know they just want innocence.
Then look into everyone’s eyes and acknowledge they are the child of God. We are all One.
Give yourself and all this gift of Oneness.

This Christmas season and all the days that follow, be peaceful and there shall be peace. Be forgiving and there shall be forgiveness.
Be merciful and there shall be mercy. Be inclusive and there shall be inclusion. Be loving and there shall be love. Be joyful and there shall be joy.
Be innocent and there shall be innocence. Be at one with yourself and there shall be oneness in the world.



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