The Ultimate Creative Expression

Gurudevi 152 Puja PIC 2012 FinalOur response to our life experience is the ultimate creative expression. In this sense we are all creative. We may not feel like we are if we don’t paint, sing or write, for example, yet we create every moment of our existence by how we show up in our experience.

Our ability to create our experience is the ultimate creative expression. If we say we cannot sing or draw, arrange flowers or get along with someone, we have just created our experience~ our reality. While we may not be a Caruso, Rembrandt, or master of Ikebana we have the probability of being able to joyfully sing Happy Birthday, delight in drawing dynamic stick figures with our children and artfully stick some flowers in a vase. We can also figure out how to be more compassionate and allowing with another; there are times when this can feel the most creative of all.

When we embrace and allow ourselves to create in these singular ways we have created a different experience ~ reality. We have changed the way we view ourselves and our world ~ we have altered our experience through our creating. Happiness is an art form that we create as we go, honing our skill to alter our experience with each choice of response.

 I am reminded of Abraham Lincoln’s statement, “Most people are about as happy as they make up their mind to be.” Considering his life could definitely be considered intense, challenging and dominated by personal loss, Mr. Lincoln must have decided happiness could be created. Of course there are times when that statement feels more like theory than fact. And sometimes we have to get pretty creative to change our mood from the depths of despair or worry to even a glimmer of hopeful possibility. Yet happiness is a creative process; we can embrace our power to create the reality of happiness or not. The skill to create our happiness is of greater significance than creating a work of art. But then a happy person is a work of art.

 Sometimes we just need to adjust our perspective, alter our attitude. The number one Law of Spiritual Alchemy speaks to this: When you change the way you are looking at things, the things you are looking at change. This is creating at its most profound. This Universal Law says that creating is the result of perspective.

 Sometimes to be creative we just need to slow down a bit and expect creativity. The great Uncarved Block, Winnie the Pooh, knew about this:”Poetry and Hums aren’t things which you get, they’re things which get you. And all you can do is go where they can find you.” Maybe going where they can find you is what is meant about the need for white space; those times when you have nothing to do so that you can actually get something done, like create from stillness versus grunting through an effort to produce.

In advertising white space is the blank space around content. There has to be a balance between content (words, pictures, logos and so on) and blank, clear white space around it. Some folks feel ads are so expensive we need to fill up all the space. Some folks feel or we have to have a full schedule, constant action in order to be productive. Some folks know that less is more.

Creating needs white space. We need clearing around us to be able to see what cannot be noticed in an over full space; be it an ad copy or a quiet moment where we notice what was there all along save for our busyness. We need quiet/white space in order to have the possibility to change the way we see things.

rainbow If we choose to be happy, we create it. We change the way we are looking at things by finding a clearing and stepping into the stillness of a new way of perceiving, a new way of experiencing, a new way of being ~ a powerful way of creating.

 May we all walk in Beauty.














  1. Thank you for your depth and wisdom. Love your perspective especially given I was told from a kindergarten teacher, ” that I was the most uncreative pupil She had ever had.” Those imprints have a way of haunting us until we “choose a different voice.”

    • Did she ever have you wrong!

      My most beloved and highest authority in the form of my older sister told me I was stupid because I couldn’t see the Easter egg “right in front of me. At three years old and thinking she was right about everything I bought it for awhile but figured it out and changed my opinion of myself. 🙂

      The power of acknowledgement (supreme creativity)is the primary trait of an
      empowering human being and that is you in a nutshell, my friend.

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