IMG_20120912_134232A child is said to be “Gods” gift, a blessing, a bundle of joy. Expecting a new child is full of excitement, anticipation, and all of the above. We always hope for the best, regardless if it’s your child, niece, sibling, coming into the world. But, I don’t think we ever think about what can go wrong or expect the worst. Well at least I didn’t. My mom became pregnant at the age of 36. What a surprise! She was scared and worried, of course, But she had our support. When she was about 5 months pregnant the doctor called my Mom and Dad for a meeting in his office.                                                                                   

We were all scared. I remember the day of the meeting when she came home she was crying. We found out that the baby might be born with a chromosome disorder, Trisomy 21 ,A.K.A Down Syndrome. We were all speechless and didn’t really know how to take it in…because this was all new to us. The doctors asked my mom to take the amniocentesis test and she said no. Her words were “If my child is coming into the world with special needs I’m going to love my child no matter what, I’m not going to risk my child’s life (with the complications that can happen with the amniocentesis test).” Anyhow, we all prayed and had faith in God that the baby would come into this world healthy and perfectly fine..or as people say “Normal”

 August 3, 2011 at 9:30 AM baby Nicolas came into this world. 6lbs 7oz. When I was finally able to see my baby brother, My heart sunk to my stomach, I was numb, weak,and heart broken. My little brother was born With Down Syndrome. We were all speechless. That night I went home and cried and cried. I felt like it was my fault. Maybe if I wouldn’t have begged my mom for a baby brother/sister none of this would have happened. My mom wouldn’t be heart broken.

 I asked myself questions like : “Who’s going to care for my brother when my parents die?” “Who’s going to care for my brother when my other siblings and I Die?” “How Is he going to do in school with all the bullying?” I went through a phase where I was mad at the world, mad at my self, mad at “GOD”. I stopped having faith or believing in Him. I had to watch my mom cry her self to sleep, had to explain to my family what the situation was, I had to accept the fact that my brother had Down Syndrome. I think it is a phase that families go through when the unexpected happens.

 I didn’t think about the positives when he was born. I didn’t think about how healthy he was…. he didn’t have any complications… no heart problems, he could hear with both ears, he didn’t need any respiratory help. I didn’t think about the fact that we were able to bring him home and not have to come home to an empty nursery. All those little things didn’t cross my mind.

 Today, Nick is 2yrs old. He is the sweetest, cutest, funniest little boy ever. He is walking, talking, healthy as can be. His heart is perfectly fine there IS NOTHING WRONG WITH HIM..He just has an extra chromosome. (sometimes I even forget he has Down Syndrome) He has taught me so much in life. Nick has made my mind more open to society, he has made me realize to appreciate life, live life being happy and thankful of life. I wish I had this positive attitude when he was born, but I didn’t expect the worst to happen, but I do believe that my brother is truly a blessing and has came into our lives for a reason. My family and I have learned to accept his disability and have become a closer family. We have adjusted to this new life and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.



  1. Cindy—thanks for your inspiring story. How wonderful the acceptance after the initial shock of a baby that wasn’t what we all consider “normal.” Amazing how much a child can bring into this world. Thank you for sharing.

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