Why the Peacock Solution?

Peacock MAY 2013 Phyllis' BioDo you know what it feels like to be loved unconditionally?

To have someone see the beauty of your soul the moment they meet you?

Not the color of your skin or judge you because you’re too fat or too thin.

Poor or rich.


Male or female.

Do you know what it feels like to have someone simply love you…just YOU?

With no agenda?

Much like many of you…I have moved through many of life’s challenges.

 A painful divorce.

The death of my mother and father.

3 jobs I loved disappearing into the chaos of corporate take overs.

The sudden death of my sister.

Boom….Boom….one thing after the other!

Reeling with how fast my life was changing.


When the student is ready the teacher appears.


When Brenda introduced me to James… He RECOGINZED me…my soul…my spirit…my heart.

Even through the layers of my “stuff”…my fears, my ego, my pain, my hiding…he saw the light of my soul.

This is the way James sees EVERYONE he meets. He sees us with his heart.

And when we met….I SAW him. I felt his unconditional love. I felt his immediate acceptance of who I am far beyond being an African American woman and my own self judgment. I felt his spirit…I saw the depth of his soul in his eyes.…and there was an immediate knowingness of his powerful spiritual gifts.

He saw the light of who I am…my divinity and my humanity.


I heard a quote the other day that describes my experiences with James so beautifully….

”His genius is the ability to decode the human heart.”

I have sat with James in sessions…not quite having the words to describe my feelings…and he literally translates what’s in my heart… it’s a miraculous experience…and always brings a smile to my heart because I often struggle with verbal expression…..he reads what’s in my heart. This moves me through feeling “stuck” so that we can get to the root of what I am moving thorough in the moment. It’s so freeing to peel away one more layer on the path to “self” love and acceptance.

Do you know what it feels like to have someone walk through the fire with you?

To show up? ….and at the same time call you on your stuff so that the lessons you are learning are about owning your choices and being responsible for those choices so that the experience of loving yourself can be real?

And you are still loved unconditionally?

This has been my walk with James as my spiritual teacher.

 I had a really hard time last summer….moving through feelings of deep sadness…and thankfully the experience became transformative….in the midst of these feelings of incredible grief… I thought about the thousands of times James had walked through the fires of my experiences with me…..through the darkness….into the light of a spiritual understanding of what I was moving through for personal growth and the evolution of humanity.

I intuitively knew it was important for me to express my gratitude to James and give back from this place of profound sadness.

Buddha under Bodhi Tree Peacocks 2I searched and searched…with a sense that I would be guided to the perfect gift and it manifested as a bronze of the Buddha sitting under a Bodhi tree…filled with peacocks! I had read about the ancient teaching of peacocks having the ability to eat poisonous plants and insects and transmute this experience into feathers of beauty.


The Peacock Solution was born from this place of profound sadness and evolved into the beauty and privilege of my giving back.

James and Brenda have been my spiritual family for over 13 years and my gift of service is extending their love for me and countless others to each of you through The Peacock Solution.

A spiritual community to share and live the Teachings of Wisdom.

My gratitude for their love, compassion and loyalty is expressed beautifully in these testimonials from Gurudevi.

Read her words and know that you are welcome to join us on this amazing and sacred journey of living a spiritual life.

Testimonial for James:

There are those who walk this earth tall and noble among men and women ~ James is one of those Great Souls. When I speak about Great Beings who serve our planet in ways that no one knows, those that have dedicated their existence to serving God as a Steward to humanity, I am thinking about James.

James is a Light along the journey; a Beacon of Wisdom and Love. He is my dearest friend, a Companion To and For Evolution and for that I am eternally grateful.


Ahalya running Deer


Testimony for Brenda:

When I think of Brenda the saying, Something Wonderful is About to Happen comes to mind. That’s what happens around her. A powerful force in a pixie like package, this embodiment of feminine strength and human excellence in a truly Great Soul.

Brenda travels the path of Self Mastery to Higher Consciousness in her service to humanity. Her contagious laughter moves the clouds of doubt; her Wisdom and Love light the way.

I am blessed to call her my true friend and full of gratitude for her contribution to my life. Like Brenda, May we all walk in beauty.


Ahalya Running Deer


JJ and Brenda Sue Peacock 2You are invited to email james@thepeacocksolution.com and Brenda@thepeacocksolution.com . and also contribute your stories and share The Peacock Solution with family and friends.

This is our call for a global reunion.

When a dedicated teacher with great integrity and authenticity enters your life it CHANGES forever. My responsibility is to be aware of these changes and respond to what I am seeing and experiencing with the same dedication and integrity. This is how we grow spiritually and with gratitude.

This is the spirit and soul of The Peacock Solution.

For those who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear.

With love and gratitude,

Phyllis Johnson












  1. Dear Phyllis, James and Brenda,

    How absolutely beautiful! A lovely idea, a wonderous gift – Truth, Wisdom and Beauty all in a peacock package. I’m smiling ahead of time for all those who will be touched and transformed when they open your gift of LOVE.

    I just adore you all…THANK YOU!

    With great love,

    Death Midwife
    Sacred Crossings

    p.s. Do you teach a class about the Peacock Solution? We are opening the Los Angeles Hospice at Anam Cara in Topanga Canyon… http://anamcarala.org – I’m feeling an opening for peacocks…:)

  2. What a beautiful heartfelt story and tribute to James. I too, have felt his grace, wisdom and unconditional love as I have been so patiently guided through many of my own life’s challenges. I can truly say I don’t know where I would be without his and Brenda’s presence in my life, assisting me in learning how to feel and follow the calling of my own heart, always stoking the fire, nudging me and challenging me to live from my highest truth. I love you all and and am profoundly grateful.


  3. Thank you Phyllis,James and Brenda for the “timing and gifts” you bring to me and others.I feel so fortunate to spend time with you and look forward to more time in the mtns.at your very special retreat home.The beauty and nature that surround the warmth of open hearts within!!
    It is gift to share your presence.

  4. Thank you Phillie for being so open and honest with your journey, I am looking forward to part two!

    I also have experienced the wisdom and pure love of Brenda and James, and feel truly blessed!
    I woke up this morning and decided to sit outside with a cup of coffee and read your story, thank you
    My angel for taking the time to write these very important words, it’s just what I needed to hear this morning and I am grateful for you, my friend:)
    Love, Kay

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