Breathing Your Human Design

Angel Cloud photoIn the early 1970’s I was a high school counselor and Coordinator of Psychological Services in a Chicago gangland area. I, with confidentiality protection, knew what was happening at many levels. Often I empathized so deeply with the teens, parents, teachers, even myself, that I began to question my very purpose in life and how to nourish it. The answer crystallized in body, mind and spirit as I responded to life, its offerings and challenges.

One day, I asked myself: “What is it that every person has with them for self-help always, wherever they are, whatever they are doing, money or not.” Time passed… weeks, months, years as the answer surfaced through many sources.

 What was the answer? Breathing!

From then on, to this very moment, breathing continues to teach, nourish and actually “make” me via the fresh gasses I inhale after exhaling the old… “makes” not only me, but humans, all life forms, the entire universe!

 Also, before I became more conscious of my breathing, and at the very moment I innocently asked the above question, I discovered a simple method to use when confused and seeking assistance.

 What is that method? Simply, to ask your brain/mind a question! And, friend that one’s mind can be, it leads to the answer and ways to activate that answer, if one has the courage to let go, let live and do it!

Years later, when I was living in Sedona, Arizona in the late 1990’s, another gift was given to me after years of international travel as a Breathing Consultant.

 What was that gift? The Human Design System!

Finally, I was not only able to “BE who I am” via breathing; I was also able to “SEE who I am,” via a Human Design chart and reading. From that time on, to this very moment, the many facets of the Human Design system continue to empower me and others who ask for my services.

 Breathing my Human Design I now respond both to myself and others who yearn to know themselves more deeply, consciously and objectively. Moving beyond the world’s collective fears, these people are awakening to unlimited potentials for creative expression and the sharing of even more of their unique talents.

 Can it be that simple? That just awareness of one’s genetic Human Design enables one to “breathe” it into the world?

I continue nurturing my passion to “SEE and BE who I am” by incorporating my Human Design with my Breathing Imprint. In fact, it still amazes me to see, via my genetic Human Design, that my purpose in life is to bring consciousness into form through breathing. While climbing Sedona’s red rock mountain trails, “fresh gassing” myself as I merge with the nature elements, I am truly “Breathing Human Design.”

Love is in the air we breathe, Chiara

 Chiara Gasparro

 Group Psychologist, Breathing Consultant

Human Design Specialist, Primary Health System Guidance

 928-300-6492 *






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